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How I Protect my Devices and Computer from Internet Threats


How I Protect my Devices and Computer from Internet Threats

By Naota

Date: 4/18/2012

Devices: iPod Touch, Windows 7 Desktop, Windows 7 Laptop, Nokia Lumia 900


Remember back when it was safe to browse the internet? Neither do I. I do however, remember a time when it was only PCs that needed protection. These days, even mobile devices need all the security they can get. In fact, I am starting to wonder if I need security for my new Smart TV! It is time for Security 101.

AreYouAHuman Captcha – Cracked Already


For those of you unfamiliar with AreYouAHuman’s CAPTCHA — it replaces those annoying text-based CAPTCHAs where you try to rewrite the blurry / pixelated CAPTCHA text into a box. Instead, you play a game (such as drag all food into a refrigerator). This is a nice alternative that is way less frustrating. Is it more secure though? Nope. It’s been cracked already. See the below video for more information!

Check out Cracking the AreYouAHuman Captcha for more information!

This proof of concept shows that bots can take advantage easily if they ever encounter this protection (good for spammers, bad for normal people).

Free 6 Months Subscription: Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 & Internet Security 2011


Need new anti-virus / anti-malware software? Is your subscription just about to end? Good timing! Panda currently has a promotion going on that allows you to get an entire six month subscription for free. That’s half a year of safer web browsing and downloading. This promo is in Spanish though!

1) Go to their deal / promotion page Here
2) Click on the button labeled DESCARGAR GRATIS on either side of the page depending on which product you want (or get both)!

This will allow you to download either of these OEM copies. Note that the serial / registration key is embedded within so it literally activates immediately after installation. You don’t need to input a keycode at all! Pretty simple, huh?

Another Free 3 Month Trial Method for Avira Premium Security Suite


I just updated this original free 3 month trial of Avira Premium Security Suite page with a new method of getting these 90 day trials / license / licenses, as the old one no longer works. Sign up for the license from the Avira promotion page (it’s in Russian). Use an online translator service such as Google Translator or Babelfish if you’re having a hard time filling out the form. The email DOESN’T have to be real, but there’s no harm in using your own. Don’t abuse this. Remember, this suite offers malware protectiong (anti-virus, anti-spyware) and a Firewall.

Free 1 Year License for Ad-Aware Pro


You can get a twelve / 12 month license for Ad-Aware Pro for FREE right now. That’s one whole year. How? Through a free CNET membership. They currently have a 24 hour promotion that offers this license for free in an effort to get people to sign up! So take advantage by signing up here at their promo page and then download the program + license 🙂 Act fast! It’s pretty good anti-spyware software.


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