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Free 6 Months Subscription: Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 & Internet Security 2011


Need new anti-virus / anti-malware software? Is your subscription just about to end? Good timing! Panda currently has a promotion going on that allows you to get an entire six month subscription for free. That’s half a year of safer web browsing and downloading. This promo is in Spanish though!

1) Go to their deal / promotion page Here
2) Click on the button labeled DESCARGAR GRATIS on either side of the page depending on which product you want (or get both)!

This will allow you to download either of these OEM copies. Note that the serial / registration key is embedded within so it literally activates immediately after installation. You don’t need to input a keycode at all! Pretty simple, huh?

Another Free 3 Month Trial Method for Avira Premium Security Suite


I just updated this original free 3 month trial of Avira Premium Security Suite page with a new method of getting these 90 day trials / license / licenses, as the old one no longer works. Sign up for the license from the Avira promotion page (it’s in Russian). Use an online translator service such as Google Translator or Babelfish if you’re having a hard time filling out the form. The email DOESN’T have to be real, but there’s no harm in using your own. Don’t abuse this. Remember, this suite offers malware protectiong (anti-virus, anti-spyware) and a Firewall.

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Free BitDefender Antivirus 2010 1 Year License – Download


You can get one full year of BitDefender Antivirus 2010 for FREE via a promotion by the V3 Software Store. This event is going on for only 24 hours so HURRY UP! Sign up Here for your free 1 year license. Alternatively, if you don’t use that antivirus, you can try 3 Free Months of Avira Premium Security Suite, which works very well.

Free Year of Lavasoft Ad-Aware Plus 8.2 Commercial Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus


You can get a free year of Lavasoft Ad-Aware Plus 8.2 commercial anti-spyware and anti-virus by going Here. Download it and have a very nice time surfing the net more securely.

Download Limewire 5.5.2 Here! Latest LimeWire Provides Built-in AVG Anti-Virus


I have also written how to re-activate your Limewire Pro License Key if you lost it with the latest version here.

It is no secret that with file sharing comes lots of viruses. LimeWire, a once glorious file sharing program, has been getting worse and worse. There are almost no searches that you can do without running into corrupted downloads, viruses, and random advertisement files.

In LimeWire 5.5.0 Beta and above, they have incorporated AVG Anti-Virus. AVG runs silently in the background, requiring zero intervention. It even downloads the latest definitions via LimeWire automatically. It comes enabled by default and even scans partially downloaded files.

Theoretically, if all users upgrade to LimeWire 5.5.0 beta and above, all the viruses will be eliminated. In the real world this won’t happen but it sure as heck will help. I welcome this add-on for sure, although I would’ve preferred if they gave the user the choice whether to delete the file or not, as they currently do not.

Want LimeWire 5.5.2? Download LimeWire 5.5.2 here!


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