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How I Protect my Devices and Computer from Internet Threats


How I Protect my Devices and Computer from Internet Threats

By Naota

Date: 4/18/2012

Devices: iPod Touch, Windows 7 Desktop, Windows 7 Laptop, Nokia Lumia 900


Remember back when it was safe to browse the internet? Neither do I. I do however, remember a time when it was only PCs that needed protection. These days, even mobile devices need all the security they can get. In fact, I am starting to wonder if I need security for my new Smart TV! It is time for Security 101.

Geek Montage Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 License Contest!


Wow, that was a long title! Anyway, moving on to the point: We will be holding a contest for Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 1-Year licenses!

The contest, if you choose to participate, requires users on the Geek Montage Forum to reach 30 *good* posts. We have 8 keys at the moment to give out so this means that you must be one of the first 8 people to reach 10 posts. This should be pretty easy considering that not many people are posting there yet 🙂 More information can be read Here On the Forum.

Please note that this giveaway was sponsored by A Blog for Geeks. It’s a cool website. Check it out!

Edit: Only 10 posts are required now. Hopefully we’ll actually get some participation now that it’s lowered. We have loads of visitors, but no people wanting to chat on the forum so far. Come onnnn…We don’t bite 😉

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Free for 1 Year (Starting 10-22-09)


This offer is valid for attendees and hosts of Windows 7 house parties only.

Check out this Kaspersky Page for additional information.


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