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We’ve all been there. Whether in the days back in school finishing a report or when working long hours on a project at work. You are just about to finish up and then your overheating laptop turns off, gets a virus, or freezes. Sure, you might have lost the last few minutes of your work. Sure, that is frustrating, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now imagine you go to turn your computer back on. The power lights blink, the hard drive starts clicking and the computer turns right off. Now you’re panicking. I mean, there is no way you lost weeks of data that the rest of your team needed for the big report, right? You needed that paper to make sure you got an A on your test, or to help get you the big promotion you were working hard on.

Now we will follow this example with a few individuals:

How to Add Windows Start Button to Windows 8 (Free)


As you may know, Windows 8 Consumer Preview has NO start button in the left hand corner. For some people, this is annoying.

Until recently, StartDock had their application called Start8 available for free, which added a Start button for you. However, they became greedy (yes — I’m calling you guys out) and decided to start charging money for it. Now you can only get a trial.

A good alternative exists though: Pokki

This FREE application adds the button for you, as well as gives you access to Pokki apps (if you choose to use them). Awesome!

Stencyl Guides Now Launched!


A new website has been a launched called Stencyl Guides! This website has tutorials, help, and general information pertaining to Stencyl / Stencylworks, which is used for making games / apps for Flash, HTML5 / Android, Windows PC, and Macintosh IOS. So need Stencyl help? Just view the easy-to-follow Stencyl Tutorials.

With the recent release of Stencyl 2.2, new futures are becoming available all the time too, which is exciting. Stencyl 3.0 is just around the corner, and promises to add additional amazon features too.

How to Save Tabs When Exiting in Firefox 4.0


I’m a Google Chrome user. There, I admitted it! So when I found out (late) that Firefox 4.0 had been out, I decided to go ahead and upgrade my Mozilla Firefox. All was well, except for some incompatible addons, but no biggie — as I said, I am a Google Chrome user.

The new version looked okay…except for one thing. The option to save your tabs when closing / exiting Firefox was missing! This was a feature I loved to use in Firefox so it was bothersome to see it gone. The message box / dialog box that normally pops up when you attempt to close Firefox no longer was there. If I had used the beta or alpha versions of Firefox 4.0, then I’d have been aware of this ahead of time. D’oh!

Luckily, you can easily fix it without having to install a patch, addon / add-on, or extension. Follow this micro guide I created:

Step 1) Open a new tab and in the address bar type in about:config
Step 2) In the “filter” textbox, type browser.showQuitWarning
Step 3) There should be only ONE item in the list now, which is the showQuitWarning option that you typed into the filter…double click this so that it changes from FALSE to TRUE

Done. Easy, right? It *should* be available more easily than this, but for whatever reason was not. That said, it WILL be taken care of by the Firefox development team so do not worry! They listen to their feedback and are already on top of it.

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Another Free 3 Month Trial Method for Avira Premium Security Suite


I just updated this original free 3 month trial of Avira Premium Security Suite page with a new method of getting these 90 day trials / license / licenses, as the old one no longer works. Sign up for the license from the Avira promotion page (it’s in Russian). Use an online translator service such as Google Translator or Babelfish if you’re having a hard time filling out the form. The email DOESN’T have to be real, but there’s no harm in using your own. Don’t abuse this. Remember, this suite offers malware protectiong (anti-virus, anti-spyware) and a Firewall.

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