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Another Free 3 Month Trial Method for Avira Premium Security Suite


I just updated this original free 3 month trial of Avira Premium Security Suite page with a new method of getting these 90 day trials / license / licenses, as the old one no longer works. Sign up for the license from the Avira promotion page (it’s in Russian). Use an online translator service such as Google Translator or Babelfish if you’re having a hard time filling out the form. The email DOESN’T have to be real, but there’s no harm in using your own. Don’t abuse this. Remember, this suite offers malware protectiong (anti-virus, anti-spyware) and a Firewall.

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3 Free Months of Avira Premium Security Suite


My favorite antivirus is Avira. The interface is simple, it doesn’t use too much resources, and it has a high detection rate. The security suite not only includes the antivirus, but also their firewall, which works pretty well. Normally, you can get a free 1 month license to beta test their security suite. However, they ocassionally give out 3 month licenses (and even 6 month licenses sometimes). To get a free 3 month license go Here. To download the actual security suite trial, which is around 34MB, click Here.

Edit: Looks like the old method of getting these 3 month licenses has died. No worries though, as there is a new way! Sign up for a license from this Avira promotion page (it’s in Russian). Use Google translator to guide you if you’re having a hard time.

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Free 3 Months of Avira Premium Antivirus


It’s very simple! Use this web proxy and…Sign up Here. The proxy is required because this offer is for a select region. The page is open for registration though. If you get an error message about your region, then make sure to disable cookies and so forth via the proxy. When you complete registration, a key will be available for download. Download the key AND Avira Premium Antivirus. Links for both will be given through the URL sent to your email address — so use a VALID email address. The download page for Avira Premium can also be reached Here. I have no clue how long these keys will be available so act fast.

Edit: This method is dead. Check for new ones at Free 3 Month Avira Premium Security Trial page.


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