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Video: Stealing Credit Card Numbers via RFID


This video shows an example of how someone can use a netbook and credit card reader / scanner for electronic pickpocketing. It’s all because of Radio Frequency Identification technology, which is found on some credit cards and is used to allow people to simply wave their card by a RFID scanner instead of swiping it. Not only credit cards use RFID either, so more than just your card is at risk. Watch the video for more information.

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Automated Paintball Sentry


One of the more fun demonstrations:

I want one..

more info & videos at product webpage (source): Paintballsentry

The WikiLeaks Data Bunker


In the fallout over the second massive WikiLeaks document dump of classified US State Department cables, a DDoS attack forced the whistleblowing site off its original host (PRG) and then political pressure from the US government forced it off its second (, whodathunk). Where to now?

Free BitDefender Antivirus 2010 1 Year License – Download


You can get one full year of BitDefender Antivirus 2010 for FREE via a promotion by the V3 Software Store. This event is going on for only 24 hours so HURRY UP! Sign up Here for your free 1 year license. Alternatively, if you don’t use that antivirus, you can try 3 Free Months of Avira Premium Security Suite, which works very well.

Firefox Plugin: Protection from Flash Attacks


Hackers exploit many different types of vulnerabilities in attempts to attack other users. Many of these attacks happen to be browser based since it is easy to get people to go to web pages. Of these browser attacks, many use Adobe Flash vulnerabilities instead of browser-specific vulnerabilities. A plugin for Firefox, called Blitzableiter, was created in an attempt to prevent Flash-related hacking attempts. Basically, the plugin reads the SWF file and attempts to sanitize the code, parsing each piece, then recreates a safe SWF for your browser to load instead. Very cool!


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