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Escape the Lobby

Escape the Lobby GameGame: Escape the Lobby
Filesize: 5.00MB
Add Game to Your Site: Zip Package
Play the Game At: Newgrounds | Kongregate
Directions: Use the on-screen arrows to navigate throughout the game (not keyboard arrows on your computer keyboard or laptop). Click around with your mouse to navigate even further and to pick up items within the game. Items are automatically used when the user has clicked in the right areas, making the game relatively straight forward.

Playable on any PC, Laptop / Notebook, or Netbook with Flash support. Don’t have flash for your computer? Get Adobe Flash Here for your PC, Laptop / Notebook, or Netbook. Turn up your volume to listen to the in-game comments.

Description: You just escaped the bathroom, and now you find yourself in the middle of a lobby… Once again, collect your wits, check your phone, and escape the lobby!(Also turn up your volume for audible hints)


Escape the Lobby FAQ

Welcome back!  This page is dedicated to help you Escape the Lobby!  Here is the walkthrough if you ever find yourself stuck:

  1. Face the chairs, and take a “step” (Click the area with the chairs) closer,” then take the chair on the right and the cell phone
  2. Go to the cell phone, and under “Missed Alerts” listen to the  voice mail from the early morning
  3. Go to the corner to the left of the elevators
  4. “Use” the chair (aka:  click on the empty spot) and then look up.  Go through the vent.
  5. Crawl through the vent, and then drop into the bathroom… again  (Shock!)
  6. Face the mirror and grab the cup
  7. Turn around, and take note of the number on the wall for a “Good time”
  8. Go to the toilet, click it, and look up, then exit the vent
  9. “Fill” (aka:  click the water fountain) the cup and go back to the vent
  10. Turn right once you enter the vent and face the circuit breaker
  11. “Throw” (aka:  click) the water on the circuit breaker, then head back to the lobby
  12. Push the elevator button, then step back
  13. The doors are open! But you can’t do anything so…
  14. Find the steroids in the corner to the right of the elevators
  15. Push the statue out the window, then press the button
  16. Put in the login ID number (Did you listen to the voicemail on the phone?)
  17. And now turn out all the lights!  Watch out, every time you approach this puzzle, the placement of the lights change!
  18. Take the rope
  19. Go back to the open doors of the elevator
  20. “Tie” (aka:  click) the rope, then “Climb” (aka:  Click) down
  21. You escaped!


Also, don’t forget to check out the features of the cell phone!  Some apps make the menu politer, turn off the music, or serve actual purposes.



Executive Producer – Naota
3D Artist – Foose Arts
2D Artists – DarkKnightH20 and Foose Arts
Lead Programmer –  Foose Arts
Music – “Saria’s Song”  by Koji Kondo
Voice Overs – Foose Arts, Naota
SFX – Foose Arts and other various free sources (Like my own ghetto cell phone)

Special Thanks to: Deux Ex Man, Non-gamer, Mella, Wrathie, Cristalino, DarkKnightH2o,
Whopper Squish, and Punkette

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