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AreYouAHuman Captcha – Cracked Already


For those of you unfamiliar with AreYouAHuman’s CAPTCHA — it replaces those annoying text-based CAPTCHAs where you try to rewrite the blurry / pixelated CAPTCHA text into a box. Instead, you play a game (such as drag all food into a refrigerator). This is a nice alternative that is way less frustrating. Is it more secure though? Nope. It’s been cracked already. See the below video for more information!

Check out Cracking the AreYouAHuman Captcha for more information!

This proof of concept shows that bots can take advantage easily if they ever encounter this protection (good for spammers, bad for normal people).

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  1. Comments  Joey   |  Wednesday, 30 May 2012 at 6:52 AM

    This is awesome! I was looking through Google to see if anyone had cracked the AreYouAHuman PassThru games yet and it seems they have! I saw that the guy released a second video where the bot is much smarter and gets verified as a human by the AreYouAHuman server. Very cool! I’m hoping they’ll release the source code.

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