Today is Monday, 15th July 2024

Coding‘s source code dump. Some of these are just downloadable source code files whereas some of them are actual guides. This is made apparent by whether or not there is a zip icon next to the name (among other things).


  • Learn Basic HTML — Want to learn more about web design basics?
    By Naota

  • C# (C-Sharp)
    Need MS Visual C#? Visit our Downloads Page

  • The Differences Between C++ and C-Sharp — The differences between the two “similar” programming languages.
    By Naota

  • Visual Basic 6.0

  • Hotkey Methods — This explores different hotkey methods in Visual Basic 6.0. Click to read.
    By DarkKnightH20

  • Methods of Sending Keys — Three methods of sending keys to applications/some games/etc.
    By DarkKnightH20

  • Minimizing Into the Systemtray — Minimizing forms into the systemtray seems like a tough task. It really isn’t. Check out this guide for info.
    By DarkKnightH20
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