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Dad’s Life


This parody song is not half bad.

Oatmeal Comic: Working from home


There’s always the up and downs of working at home.  What I enjoy most is staying up till about 4am eating pizza drinking beer, but what kind of sucks is that there are many distractions… Well, this comic explains it all!

PS:  Speaking of distractions, my assignment had me read 2 of The Oatmeal’s comics for guidelines on semi-colons and apostrophes.  Then I got distracted with this….

Grow Valley


Of the few actual Japanese flash games I’ve been able to find, they are simple in graphics but the gameplay is usually superb. Here’s a simple game where you get to choose which field of people you employ to an empty plot of land, and the order affects what each will do to create a community. To beat the game, each field of people will achieve a Max level of 10. Give it a try.

Grow Valley
Created by a team/person named RECRUIT

Japanese vs US Navy Recruitment Ads


Sometimes, the audio makes all the difference.

Note: You may need to click a second or two ahead for the video to actually play.

Cool LG Flexible E-Paper


Technology is just oh so cool! LG has flexible e-paper. Enki posted something like it previously awhile back. This isn’t a flexible LCD though. Expect these babies in upcoming devices! Click the image to enlarge it.

Flexible E-Paper


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