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Funny Picture: How to Make a Sandwich


Because this is one of my posts, it should be obvious that this is going to be NO normal sandwich. Don’t worry though. It’s still consumable for the most part.

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Top Chat Roulette Videos – #2 Funny Piano Improv


Here is the second funny Chat Roulette video. This one is the notorious piano improv guy.

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Video: Bull Jumps Into Crowd of People


I just watched this video a bit ago and wow. Imagine that happening while you were sitting in the crowd. Pretty intense, huh? Take a look.

New Technology to Prevent Birds From Smashing Their Brains Into Windows


Birds love to fly into house windows. Why? Because they don’t know that a window is there if it’s clean. Thinking that they can just fly into the house, they end up smashing their head against the window and get bird brains everywhere. A tragic, sad fate. Fortunately, new technology allows for special windows to be created that prevent this from happening.

Special, Anti-Bird Window

This crafty design allows the windows to look perfectly normal to the human eye, while the anti-bird feature is only visible by birds. A UV reflective coating is put on the windows, which helps visible UV light appear and make the windows look more apparent. Birds are able to see a far broader spectrum of UV light than humans, which is why this works.

Top Chat Roulette Videos – #1 The Last Exorcism Reactions


When you think of Chat Roulette the first thing you probably think about is people using it for purposes other than chatting (like dropping their underwear and jacking off on camera.) For the upcoming movie “The Last Exorcism” the marketing team brilliantly created a viral marketing campaign using Chat Roulette. Watch and enjoy as they use it on these people.


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