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Funny Comic: Earth / Mars Invasion


This comic / picture is absolutely hilarious. Ever wonder what planet earth is thinking?

Oatmeal Comic: Working from home


There’s always the up and downs of working at home.  What I enjoy most is staying up till about 4am eating pizza drinking beer, but what kind of sucks is that there are many distractions… Well, this comic explains it all!

PS:  Speaking of distractions, my assignment had me read 2 of The Oatmeal’s comics for guidelines on semi-colons and apostrophes.  Then I got distracted with this….

Funny Picture: Can’t Wish for More Wishes


I lol’ed a bit at this picture. What do you do if you find a magic lamp and the genie says you can’t wish for more wishes?

Click the picture to enlarge it.
Magic Lamp Genie

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