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Cool Video: Hula Cam at Burning Man 2012


At Burning Man 2012, someone attached a GoPro video camera to a Hula Hoop. Check it out!

Cool Video: Popping 100 Balloons In a Row With Laser


Here’s a cool video for ya. Those who love laser pointers will love this! Featured is the S3 Spyder III Arctic Laser, which is a super laser pointer on steroids. Watch as it pops 100 balloons in a row with a nice domino effect. They used a magnifying lens to strengthen the laser, as well as Wicked Lasers’ “burning lens attachment” for extra power.

Cool Video: A Skydive From Space


When you’re up that high, it seems like you’re not falling at first! This is a video of Joseph Kittinger — first man to skydive from outer space using high altitude balloons. He went up to 102,800 feet (31,300 m) and accelerated up to 614 miles per hour (988 km/h).

Cool Video: More Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 2


Another neat video! DIY Life Hacks again. Part two.

1. Using Alternate Batteries
2. Combat Stinky Shoes
3. Find out how much propane you have
4. Cut through plastic packages quick!
5. Pack like a Pro
6. Youtube Multi-task
7. DIY Air Freshener
8. Revive or fix a pen
9. Open a Jar
10. Fill a bucket, easily

Cool Video: Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 1


Neat video here! It’s about do it yourself (diy) lifehacks. This is part one of the series.

1. Fixing a warped screw
2. Make your own DIY Stylus
3. Natural Paint Remover
4. Unclogging shower head naturally
5. Cleaning windows with coke
6. Garbage Bag Storage
7. Unsealing an envelope
8. Natural bug Repellent
9. Freshen up a dish pad
10. Automatic Toilet Cleaner


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