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Stage Fright – So Real It’s Scary 2 #LGStageFright


LG makes some of the coolest commercials… not in the US. Watch! You’ll never think a urinal the same way again….

LG Elevator Floor Prank


While looking at IPS Monitors to buy, I came across this awesome video! LG decided to show off the realism of their latest IPS Monitors – which are known for high color accuracy and extreme viewing angles. Go watch now!


Cool Video: LG Optimus Hyper Facade in Berlin


Check out this cool LG Hyper Facade event in Berlin. It has nice 3D animations being projected on to a building!

Sony Wins VS. LG in PS3 Patent Dispute


As many of you know, LG recently sued Sony over violating a patent in the PS3. During this process, LG was able to have 300,000 shipments of the PS3 stopped in Europe. After a speedy trial, a decision was made.

Sony VS LG PS3 Patent Dispute

The outcome…
All 300,000 PS3s will now returned to Sony. They will be able to be shipped to Europe and Sony is allowed to continuing shipping. Additionally, LG will be forced to pay Sony 130,000 euros for court fees. LG has one day to return the PS3s. Each day they are late, they will be fined an additional 200,000 euros.

Now that the dispute for halting the shipments is over, stay tuned for additional information on the result of the patent violation.

Cool LG Flexible E-Paper


Technology is just oh so cool! LG has flexible e-paper. Enki posted something like it previously awhile back. This isn’t a flexible LCD though. Expect these babies in upcoming devices! Click the image to enlarge it.

Flexible E-Paper

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