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Modernized Flinstones Car Reaches 60MPH


We all know the Flinstones. Everyone can remember their foot-powered vehicles. A group of individuals went ahead and created a new version on the Bedrock-Age Vehicle. And guess what? This vehicle can go 60MPH!

Human Car

You can watch a video of this Human Car in action. Take that Prius!

Behold the “Human Car” created by Humancar Inc. And it doesn’t have a top either, so you won’t have to worry about your dinosaur needing room to stick its head out.

Cool Video: World’s Smallest Periodic Table


It’s so small that a million of these suckers could fit on a single sticky note. The person in the video chooses to have it embedded into one of his hairs though instead.

Video: Stealing Credit Card Numbers via RFID


This video shows an example of how someone can use a netbook and credit card reader / scanner for electronic pickpocketing. It’s all because of Radio Frequency Identification technology, which is found on some credit cards and is used to allow people to simply wave their card by a RFID scanner instead of swiping it. Not only credit cards use RFID either, so more than just your card is at risk. Watch the video for more information.

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Autodesk University – Holographic Sheets, Zebra Imaging


People who are into architecture and autodesk design software are going to love this. Zebra Imaging has created holographic sheets that allow for models and 3D imaging made in software such as Autocad to be viewed in holographic form through special sheets. It allows for many different perspective and is faster to create than scaled models. Though it looks cool in the video still, I assure you it looks even nicer in person.

Cool Video: Best Driving Simulator in the World


This video is of the most advanced driving simulator in the entire world, which was created by Lexus. It was made to feel as real as possible. In fact, it emulates driving perfectly. Currently, they use it to help predict driver behavior, perform digital crash tests, and more. The simulator is housed in a big dome and can move laterally / side-to-side, forward, and backward. Watch the video for more information!

“It began with a need for a deeper understanding of the driver and grew into an innovation so revolutionary, it could change the way we move through the world, and how we drive tomorrow. Learn more about the most advanced driving simulator in the world at

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