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Flash 10.2 Released 34x more efficient, Multi-Screen Support


Flash 10.2 has a huge amount of enhancements that you are going to want to know about! The most noteable is how the new API which promises as much as 34 times more efficiency. This is due to a new API that Adobe has just recently created. It promises to increase hardware acceleration and decrease the load on the CPU. This results in better performance and less battery usage.

But that is not all, Adobe really went above and beyond and did some more changes and updates.

You can read more information and download the Flash 10.2 Update here.

Grow Valley


Of the few actual Japanese flash games I’ve been able to find, they are simple in graphics but the gameplay is usually superb. Here’s a simple game where you get to choose which field of people you employ to an empty plot of land, and the order affects what each will do to create a community. To beat the game, each field of people will achieve a Max level of 10. Give it a try.

Grow Valley
Created by a team/person named RECRUIT

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Firefox Plugin: Protection from Flash Attacks


Hackers exploit many different types of vulnerabilities in attempts to attack other users. Many of these attacks happen to be browser based since it is easy to get people to go to web pages. Of these browser attacks, many use Adobe Flash vulnerabilities instead of browser-specific vulnerabilities. A plugin for Firefox, called Blitzableiter, was created in an attempt to prevent Flash-related hacking attempts. Basically, the plugin reads the SWF file and attempts to sanitize the code, parsing each piece, then recreates a safe SWF for your browser to load instead. Very cool!

The World’s Hardest Game


I was bored and stumbled upon a flash game entitled The World’s Hardest Game. It definitely is challenging. I only bothered getting up to level 10 before quitting. I felt that I shouldn’t put myself through so much frustration 😉 Check it out if you need a good time waster or challenge!

First Person Tetris (You’ll Understand Once You See)


Okay so I saw the link to this little game on Tomshardware. One of their writers found this first person version of the classic game Tetris. You can play First Person Tetris here. Try not to get too dizzy or sick.


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