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Funny Video: Adobe Photoshop Rap


This is another Adobe Photoshop video by College Humor. It actually is a little bit informative for those who don’t know Photoshop very well! Take a seat and watch.

Funny Video: Harry Potter vs Voldemort – Epic Rap Battle


That’s right…Another epic rap video. This one is Harry Potter versus Voldemort. The ending was funny too lol. Give it a watch/listen!

Funny Video: Hitler VS Darth Vader – Epic Rap Battle


I LOVED this video, hahaha! It’s an epic rap battle, Darth Vader versus Adolph Hitler. It’s very well done so props to the creators.

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Dad’s Life


This parody song is not half bad.

Funny Video Batman Movie Rap


I encountered this video a bit ago. Thought it was pretty well done. It’s a Batman movie rap. Check it out–



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