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LittleDog Locomotion


This is an old project, where a little dog-like robot was programed to tackle rough terrains with four legs like that of a dog. (OldDog here)
Now, approx. 2 years later, the software has improved dramatically, and here’s the improved version showcased by the University of Southern California.
“The robot is completely autonomous and trained by machine learning algorithms.”

Great… right after putting this up, I find a BigDog version. See it here.

Top Games to Play On Netbook


Have a netbook? Notice that the gaming capabilities aren’t really the best? Well, that doesn’t matter for some of the older classics out there! Read my article here: Top Games to Play On Netbook to see what games will run fantastically on your netbook! If you have any suggestions, please do submit them too!

Firefox 64-bit (x64) Coming to Windows 7


Yep, Firefox 64-bit is coming to Windows 7. Pretty cool. One problem though is that flash is not yet offering 64-bit versions of flash or shockwave at this time, rendering 64-bit iffy for browsing generally. You can find this version when available at the Latest Trunk.

Fight scenes comparisons


A few of our visitors may remember the post of a fan made street fighter fight scene, found here, and going along with that, I’d like to compare three different scenes out of the blue. I’m figuring the last of the three would be the best pick for our audience here.

The Internet Crunch


In the 1970’s when Internet Protocol Addressing Scheme version 4 was initiated, few could believe we’d one day run out of IP addresses to access the internet.  Well guess what?  With the thousands of new products that have internet access (ie:  Cars, phones, military watches, etc) along with technologically developing countries (ie:  China, India, Cana…. Just kidding)  we are reaching the limit of internet accessibility.  The solution?  Internet Protocol Addressing Scheme version 6!!  Problem is, businesses are proving slow to adapt.  Europe seems to have a head start on us, a quarter of their businesses have made the change.  It’s the future.

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