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Firefox 64-bit (x64) Coming to Windows 7


Yep, Firefox 64-bit is coming to Windows 7. Pretty cool. One problem though is that flash is not yet offering 64-bit versions of flash or shockwave at this time, rendering 64-bit iffy for browsing generally. You can find this version when available at the Latest Trunk.

Latest Web Browser Tests


I just came across a very interesting article from Lifehacker. They conducted tests on the latest browsers (minus Internet Explorer 8 but really who cares?)

The tested browsers and their scores (out of 35 max) are the following:

* Google Chrome 4.0.302.3 (dev): 25
* Google Chrome (stable): 24
* Firefox 3.6: 20
* Firefox 3.5.4: 21
* Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha: 25
* Opera 10.01: 15
* Safari 4.0.4: 19


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