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Dare to fight a ninja?


Remember, ninja’s don’t play fair.

Click here to see the Starwars Subway Car Video

Click here to see the Dare to fight a Zombie video here

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Fight scenes comparisons


A few of our visitors may remember the post of a fan made street fighter fight scene, found here, and going along with that, I’d like to compare three different scenes out of the blue. I’m figuring the last of the three would be the best pick for our audience here.

Super Smash – The Most Hardcore Super Mario Video Ever


This is the most hard core, well done Super Mario video ever. Mario, Luigi, the Princess, Bowser, and Mushroom get a total remix. I think you all will like this video… music is great too. Want a copy of it? Download the Super Mario 64 Devastation’s Doorway Remix here.


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