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Take a stand against online censorship


Can’t let the entertainment industry monopolize creativity, now can we?

Great video explaining the bill under review.

The Internet Crunch


In the 1970’s when Internet Protocol Addressing Scheme version 4 was initiated, few could believe we’d one day run out of IP addresses to access the internet.  Well guess what?  With the thousands of new products that have internet access (ie:  Cars, phones, military watches, etc) along with technologically developing countries (ie:  China, India, Cana…. Just kidding)  we are reaching the limit of internet accessibility.  The solution?  Internet Protocol Addressing Scheme version 6!!  Problem is, businesses are proving slow to adapt.  Europe seems to have a head start on us, a quarter of their businesses have made the change.  It’s the future.

Full Article

State of the Internet – Short Video


A little update for everyone about how the internet has grown, it really puts things into perspective.


"The Internet After Dark"


I read an interesting article on ArborNetworks a bit ago called The Internet After Dark (Part 1, Part 2). Both parts have graphical compilations of activity occuring throughout night and day. An interesting graph–

It would appear that loads of people enjoy their WoW during these times as well as coms CounterStrike!


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