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Video: PlayStation 4 Preview of Game – Watch Dogs


Just FYI, this is actually being played on a PC right now despite it being advertised as otherwise, but it is suppose to look very similar on the PS4. It’s a nice gameplay trailer. My thoughts: the game looks fun AND the graphics are great! Good use of physics and so forth and nice concept (from what I can see).

Funny Video: Link Reaches Adulthood


Here’s a funny Zelda: Ocarina of Time spoof. What happens when Link is all grown up?

Cool Video: Nintendo Vs. Zombies – 28-Bits Later


This was a submission for the Nintendo Wii U challenge where you have to make a video to represent Nintendo characters and so forth. Some characters are: Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, and more!

Video: Dark Souls II Trailer


Liked Demon Souls, as well as Dark Souls 1? Well, a trailer for Dark Souls 2 is now out!

Naturally, it shows absolutely nothing other than CG scenes, which allow people to speculate over what is (or isn’t) in each frame. The video was taken from Spike’s VGA’s (Video Game Awards) [hence the clapping and cheering]

This sequel promises a revamped multiplayer experience, a new protagonist, new lands to explore, new monsters and bosses, new weapons and armors, etc. Similarly, you will be an undead entity that cycles between hollow and human. It WILL be difficult, as it’s one of the selling points of the game — under the belief that if the game is challenging, it is all the more rewarding when you beat a milestone (such as slaying a hard boss or completing a task).

There is no release date, nor much other information from the creators: FromSoftware. However, it should be noted that the game WILL be released for PlayStation 3 (PS3) and the Xbox 360 consoles. Whether or not it will make its way to the Windows PC, however, is a completely different question. It took a lot of pushing just to get Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, after all, which in itself was a late port with some nice extra content available on console versions of the game through DLC.

I’m personally hoping for some new classes and spells. It would also be nice if a town existed, but I doubt that will be the case! More information will be posted as it comes in.

How to Fix: FEAR Combat Server List Blank


Recently, you may have noticed that the server list for FEAR Combat started showing up empty. This is because the place where the master server list was being hosted no longer exists. You can’t find servers. And if you cannot see the list, then how can you play the game? NO WORRIES! Solution below.

Fortunately, if you have added servers to your “FAVORITES” list, then you can still see them. And if you haven’t? Well, no worries there!

You can get the full multiplayer client, a free unique CD key (sign up), AND a brand new FEAR launcher that can allow you to play on servers — all at This is great because even the client download link at the real FEAR website doesn’t work, so thank you very much MXT staff! The team has released a beta version of this launcher, which is expected to get additional updates in the future. The beta is HERE.

This is by far the best First Encounter Assault Recon multiplayer game out there. Personally, I believe that FEAR 2 and FEAR 3 / F3AR have awful multiplayer in comparison. I recommend that you play one of the MXT servers. This should work with the Steam versions of the game as well. Anyway, problem solved!


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