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Video: Cute Small Pet Pig With Dog


This could be the smallest pet pig in the world! It’s a 12 days old baby piglet. The doggy seems to be getting along nicely with it too!

Pink Puppy


Usually I believe it is important to start the week with a good post. However, today is not one of those times. Behold a pink puppy

I don’t know about you but if I was that puppy I would be pissed! Now if only they did that to a pug or something.

Video: Dog Bites Shark


First of all — DO NOT WORRY. The dogs are ok and I am sure the shark is fine. This video shows 2 doggies swimming (doggy paddling perhaps? ;)) in the ocean with sharks…when one of the dogs decide to duck its head under water and bite one of the sharks! The Australian guy filming it was lucky enough to catch it on film. That dog has some big cojones! I guess I’ll have to assert my dominance over it by biting a shark next time I’m at the beach!

Funny Image: Dog Comes With 2 Sub Woofers


I found this picture to be pretty cute! This dog comes with two sub woofers 😉

In the form of two baby dogs in some pockets of course. What do you come wif?

Funny Dog: Comes With 2 Sub Woofers

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Funny Video: Dog Plays Fetch With Himself


This dog doesn’t need anyone to toss a ball for him 😉

A small hill and good ball placement creates an easy way for dogs to play fetch with themselves.

And in this particular case…over and over again lol.


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