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Picture of the Snow Kitty


Here is a picture of an awesome looking Snow Kitty. Thank you.. that is all.

Awesome Snow Kitty

Snow Kitty

May you digg and reddit this kitty so much that this kitty become a hot viral image… just make sure it doesn’t get too hot and ends up melting. Then there would be nothing left to show anyone.

Enjoy the snow kitty. It is already enjoying you.

Daily Digest January 31, 2010



      Review: Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter

      There’s no getting around it: Microsoft’s original Xbox 360 wireless adapter was a colossal piece of crap and a complete waste of money. It was extremely expensive at $100, and on the off occasion it would actually hold a connection it was unreliable. Instability led to terrible latency issues that hindered high-def streaming and made […]

      Review: Mass Effect 2

      From the second you start playing, BioWare makes it immediately clear that Mass Effect 2 isn’t pulling any punches. It makes a point of spotlighting the suggestion that Commander Shepard and his team likely won’t survive their suicidal retaliation against an unknown enemy. This isn’t cheesy foreshadowing of an unavoidable future, however. Your actions dictate your […]

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3 Free Months of Avira Premium Security Suite


My favorite antivirus is Avira. The interface is simple, it doesn’t use too much resources, and it has a high detection rate. The security suite not only includes the antivirus, but also their firewall, which works pretty well. Normally, you can get a free 1 month license to beta test their security suite. However, they ocassionally give out 3 month licenses (and even 6 month licenses sometimes). To get a free 3 month license go Here. To download the actual security suite trial, which is around 34MB, click Here.

Edit: Looks like the old method of getting these 3 month licenses has died. No worries though, as there is a new way! Sign up for a license from this Avira promotion page (it’s in Russian). Use Google translator to guide you if you’re having a hard time.

Polar Bear and Husky Dogs Playing With Each Other


I must start off with saying this: “AWWWWWWWWWW”! Here’s a video that has pictures of a polar bear and huskys playing with eachother. The polar bear came back every night that week to continue playing with the dogs too. How awwwww-tastic!

Hitler Reacts to the iPad – Funny Video


Here is a funny video about Hitler reacting to the disappointing features of the iPad.


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