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Funny Picture: Cats Are Liquid!


“Liquids…take the shape of the container while maintaining a constant volume”. That’s it. So cats are liquid.
Cats Are Liquid

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Picture of the Snow Kitty


Here is a picture of an awesome looking Snow Kitty. Thank you.. that is all.

Awesome Snow Kitty

Snow Kitty

May you digg and reddit this kitty so much that this kitty become a hot viral image… just make sure it doesn’t get too hot and ends up melting. Then there would be nothing left to show anyone.

Enjoy the snow kitty. It is already enjoying you.

Surprise Kitty Funny Video


Raise ’em in the air, kitty! Remind me to try to replicate this with one of my cats…If they don’t claw me!

Kitty Owns Itself


Hullo kitty! I hear you like pillows.


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