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Video: Cats + Water!


Not all kitties hate water.

Video: Rufus’ Kitty Box Towers


This person’s cat had an ear infection and the owner had to put ear drops in the cat’s ears (which the kitty of course did not like). As a present to the cat, he made towers out of boxes for the cat to play in!

Funny Picture: Cats Are Liquid!


“Liquids…take the shape of the container while maintaining a constant volume”. That’s it. So cats are liquid.
Cats Are Liquid

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Funny Picture: Cat + Razor = Kid


Cat Shaved Face
After shaving the cat’s face, it was revealed to be an asian kid.

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Video: Crow Adopts Baby Cat As Its Own


Very cute! This crow became the mom / dad of this abandoned baby kitty! It even fed the cat. Moe the crow and Cassy the cat 😉


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