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Happy Holidays


This is an old video and I actually scheduled this a few months into the future so I won’t remember it when I post it. It is worth watching all the way through for a laugh or two. Happy holidays!

LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC)


Wow this is impressive. Watch this amazing contraption.

And if you were wondering, there were 500 balls used in this.


Sweating – My Best Friend’s Wedding


Ever try getting massaged via pressure points? It can really take off stress.


Mad World by Tears of Fears (Original Video)


Most people know this song from Donnie Darko or Gears of Wars. How many of your have heard and seen the original song and video? Well here it is…

Did I just ruin it for you?

Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake


Someone has now made a playable angry birds birthday cake! Could anything be more awesome!?

Want to make one too? Here is a guide on How to make a Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake.


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