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How to Remove the Windows 7 Timebomb Reboot/Restart KB971033


Many beta testers of Windows 7 and downloaders of the infamous windows update KB971033, have had an unfortunate surprise. Windows 7 has been restarting itself hourly or near-hourly. Do not fret, here at Geekmontage we take care of our users.

Below I have carefully outlined the various methods for ending the Windows 7 Timebomb / hourly reboots.

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Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Activation Update Cracked Update: KB971033


So Microsoft just released an update, via Windows 7 Update. This update is labeled as KB971033 and is listed as “Update for Windows 7”. Immediately after it was published, there has already be confirmed reports of it not detecting existing activations on the computer and does not block a lot the new ones. This update detects 70+ activation bypasses/cracks but apparently that was not enough.

Windows Activation Checker KB971033

Windows Activation Checker KB971033

Engadget reports that this adds a new background process to your computer. This alone has made users with legitimate copies of windows uneasy and has resulted in many people opting out of this optional update.

Installed the update already? You can uninstall the Windows 7 Activation Checker KB971033 here.

You can’t win em all, Win7


Seems like you can’t win all the time with Windows. According to data gathered under Devil Mountain’s, a community-based network, 86% of PCs running Windows 7 regularly exceeded 90-95% of their available RAM. This pretty much just leaves the OS chugging on virtual memory.

Caveat though:

“Barth acknowledged that XPnet’s data couldn’t determine whether the memory usage was by the operating system itself, or an increased number of applications, but said that Devil Mountain would start working on finding which is the dominant factor in increased memory use.”

Seems to me though that they could compare an identical application load under Vista and XP and see the memory usage in those to determine if it’s the OS or the applications; maybe it’s just a crapload of bloatware going on behind the scenes in Win7.

Has anyone noticed a lot of pagefile usage in Windows 7? Maybe a lot of slowdown? Did you buy an SSD to largely fix the problem?

See the original article here.

UPDATE: A rebuttal of the previous article from Ars Technica is out; see it here.

UPDATE!!!: This keeps getting weirder; the guy who was listed as the CTO for Devil Mountain Software apparently DOESN’T EXIST. Adding the rebuttal from Ars Technica to the article, there’s serious doubt in the truthfulness of the above claims. My cold-addled brain can’t make heads or tails of this, I’ll be back after a good nap and cough syrup, but this is some whacked out stuff.

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Mobile Operating System Titled: Windows Phone 7


It’s no secret that Windows Mobile has been falling behind. This is greatly evident in the considerable amount of market-share that they have conceded to their competitors. According to comScore, Microsoft holds now just 18% of the Mobile OS market. To put this in perspective, Apple holds ~ 25% of the market, and Rimm has a market share of ~ 42%.

Perhaps what is most alarming to Microsoft is how much market-share it’s new OS competitor, Google, has been able to take. Google’s new Android operating system already holds a 5% market share, doubling from 2.5% the previous quarter.

Microsoft has killed Windows 7 Mobile and has released Windows Phone 7. Microsoft released its plan to provide over 30 new smartphones that will utilize its new Windows 7 Phone OS. These smartphones will be available in over 20 countries by the end of the year. United States providers include Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, and Verizon.

Windows Phone 7 sports a radical design change. Its new design is a copy of the Zune HD interface and is suppose to include the needs of both business and pleasure. It will incorporate the growing use of Social Networking by offering many new internal features.

Additionally Microsoft promises to be stricter on what phones/hardware they will allow to use their new mobile operating system, thus dramatically decreasing quality-related problems.

I hope they do well with this redesign… they sure as heck need it. We will try to review this operating system for you sometime! For now you can view the rumored features of Windows Phone 7.

Windows 7 Dominos


As part of the celebration for the release of Windows 7, 20 Microsoft employees got together and created a domino setup using 7,000 dominos. Why they didn’t just use 7,777 dominos, I don’t know. But as you can see after about a minute and a half, Windows 7 experiences its first error.

The video is a little slow but still. It’s kind of entertaining.

– ??? (Naota)


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