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How to Install Windows 7 SP1 and ReActivate / Activate Windows


Windows 7 SP1 Just came out. Many of you outstanding individuals are probably now running around in panic mode sense it forced an install of the famous Windows 7 KB971033 Update. Well no need to fear, we have updated our How to UNINSTALL Windows 7 Activation Update: KB971033 and REACTIVATE article to include this information for you.

You may ready our Installed Windows 7 SP1 and need to Activate Windows article here.

How to Reinstall Windows Phone 7 and Fix Update Problems


Many users have been reporting problems with updating their new Window Phone 7 devices. Some users have even reported that their devices have been becoming bricked while they are updating.

To update your Windows 7 Phone follow the procedures below:
Step 1. Make sure you have a charged battery at at least 50%.
Step 2. Connect your phone to a power source other than your computer.
Step 3. Turn your device off.
Step 4. Turn your phone on by holding/pressing the camera, volume up, and power button at the same time, while ignoring any prompts to format your SD Card.
Step 5. Once your phone enters download mode, you can let it sit and reinstall the OS. This will happen over your network and should take around 15 minutes.

McAfee Restarts/Reboots/Shutdowns Windows XP FIX


Here is a solution on how to fix the latest McAfee incident. The latest update causes Windows XP user’s computers to shutdown, or reboot. The following steps are courtesy of CNET.

Note: We recommend using a different Antivirus such as Kaspersky, Avira, or Nod32.

# Step 1: Open a command prompt: Start menu, Run, then type cmd and hit Enter Step 2: Type shutdown -a, which will prevent the shutdown from occurring McAfee has revealed two fixes for the problem. Each one requires multiple steps, and can be confusing. If you’re not comfortable with advanced computer fixes, you should get help with this.

Apple iPad Running Windows 95 Operating System


Why anyone would want to run the operating system (OS) Windows 95 on their Apple iPad, I do not know. However, it has been done anyway! It would be far cooler to have something such as Ubuntu on the iPad though, not to mention far more useful. Anyway, take a look at this video of Microsoft Windows 95 on the Apple iPad:

How to Remove the Windows 7 Timebomb Reboot/Restart KB971033


Many beta testers of Windows 7 and downloaders of the infamous windows update KB971033, have had an unfortunate surprise. Windows 7 has been restarting itself hourly or near-hourly. Do not fret, here at Geekmontage we take care of our users.

Below I have carefully outlined the various methods for ending the Windows 7 Timebomb / hourly reboots.


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