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Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Mobile Operating System Titled: Windows Phone 7


It’s no secret that Windows Mobile has been falling behind. This is greatly evident in the considerable amount of market-share that they have conceded to their competitors. According to comScore, Microsoft holds now just 18% of the Mobile OS market. To put this in perspective, Apple holds ~ 25% of the market, and Rimm has a market share of ~ 42%.

Perhaps what is most alarming to Microsoft is how much market-share it’s new OS competitor, Google, has been able to take. Google’s new Android operating system already holds a 5% market share, doubling from 2.5% the previous quarter.

Microsoft has killed Windows 7 Mobile and has released Windows Phone 7. Microsoft released its plan to provide over 30 new smartphones that will utilize its new Windows 7 Phone OS. These smartphones will be available in over 20 countries by the end of the year. United States providers include Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, and Verizon.

Windows Phone 7 sports a radical design change. Its new design is a copy of the Zune HD interface and is suppose to include the needs of both business and pleasure. It will incorporate the growing use of Social Networking by offering many new internal features.

Additionally Microsoft promises to be stricter on what phones/hardware they will allow to use their new mobile operating system, thus dramatically decreasing quality-related problems.

I hope they do well with this redesign… they sure as heck need it. We will try to review this operating system for you sometime! For now you can view the rumored features of Windows Phone 7.

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