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Operating System Android 2.2 Update – Froyo (Frozen Yogurt)


The following phones will likely receive this upgrade — Motorola Droid, Google ‘s Nexus One, the Droid Incredible, and some others. However, the Nexus One and Motorola Droid will receive it in June for sure. This is suppose to make the operating system up to 5 times faster when compared to the 2.1 version because of the new Dalvik JIT compiler. Exchange capabilities are also being implemented for enterprise uses (i.e. calendar syncing) and many APIs were added. Version 2.2 is also suppose to offer the fastest internet browsing experience available. This should be a really cool update that many will look forward to I’m sure!

Dual Boot HTC Hero Android Operating Systems


I just updated the article Review / Comparison: HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Hero, or Samsung Moment? to add information about dual booting the HTC Hero’s Android OS. This means having both Android operating systems version 1.5 and 2.1 on the phone. Nobody thinks to dual boot phones, that’s usually for PC’s only. Times are changing, however, and I’m sure dual booting smartphones will be a common thing soon enough.

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Mobile Operating System Titled: Windows Phone 7


It’s no secret that Windows Mobile has been falling behind. This is greatly evident in the considerable amount of market-share that they have conceded to their competitors. According to comScore, Microsoft holds now just 18% of the Mobile OS market. To put this in perspective, Apple holds ~ 25% of the market, and Rimm has a market share of ~ 42%.

Perhaps what is most alarming to Microsoft is how much market-share it’s new OS competitor, Google, has been able to take. Google’s new Android operating system already holds a 5% market share, doubling from 2.5% the previous quarter.

Microsoft has killed Windows 7 Mobile and has released Windows Phone 7. Microsoft released its plan to provide over 30 new smartphones that will utilize its new Windows 7 Phone OS. These smartphones will be available in over 20 countries by the end of the year. United States providers include Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, and Verizon.

Windows Phone 7 sports a radical design change. Its new design is a copy of the Zune HD interface and is suppose to include the needs of both business and pleasure. It will incorporate the growing use of Social Networking by offering many new internal features.

Additionally Microsoft promises to be stricter on what phones/hardware they will allow to use their new mobile operating system, thus dramatically decreasing quality-related problems.

I hope they do well with this redesign… they sure as heck need it. We will try to review this operating system for you sometime! For now you can view the rumored features of Windows Phone 7.

Ubuntu That Looks Like Windows XP


This is really cool in my opinion since Windows XP is my favorite Windows OS. Ylmf OS, an operating system based on Ubuntu, has been designed to look very similar to Windows XP. It is only in Chinese currently, but that will hopefully change some day.

Ubuntu Windows XP

Microsoft Open Source OS – Barrelfish


Barrelfish is a new operating system being built from scratch in a collaboration between researchers at ETH Zurich and Microsoft Research, Cambridge. We are exploring how to structure an OS for future multi- and many-core systems. The motivation is two closely related hardware trends: first, the rapidly growing number of cores, which leads to scalability challenges, and second, the increasing diversity in computer hardware, requiring the OS to manage and exploit heterogeneous hardware resources.

More Info: Microsoft Research / Barrelfish Website


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