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Newest Gadget: Microsoft SURFACE Tablet

This is no normal tablet…No normal notebook…No normal laptop…

That’s pretty much what Microsoft is trying to get across to everybody.

In reality, that’s just them trying to push this $500 product on to people more easily as a better alternative to the Apple iPad and similar devices.

But is it better? Well, there are no specific Microsoft Surface Reviews just yet, as they aren’t released yet (and for that matter, will only be available ONLINE and through the MICROSOFT STORES when the date hits). But there are some previews available for this Windows 8 tablet device.

The good news? The Microsoft SURFACE Tablet is highly polished and beautiful looking. It sports a fantastic keyboard / cover that allows users to type uninhibited at full speed and gives them a mouse to use. The bad news? If you purchase this cover separately, then tack on an additional $120 to the already high price.

Still, high prices aren’t something to be upset about, considering similar Apple Products run at high cost as well. If you are a man or woman of gadgets, then you’ll definitely want this one still.

Here’s a commercial that shows the device, but not its use.

Enjoy the clicking noise of attaching the keyboard and moving the stand!

The screen is 10.6 inches with a 1366 x 768 resolution and it goes without saying that the screen is also multi-touch for your fingers. It would likely work well with a stylus or pen too. The pixel density of the screen is 148 pixels per inch (ppi). This is lower than the iPad’s retina display, which outdoes it at 2048 x 1536 and 264 PPI.

How to Fix / Solve: Contents of a FrontPage component have been modified


Whether or not you’re using Microsoft FrontPage or Microsoft Expressions, then you may have encountered this…annoying error message: “The contents of a FrontPage component have been modified. These contents will be overwritten when you save this page.

You can fix it, but it can take some time. Most people recommend RECREATING the page. However, some of us are stubborn and don’t want to do that. Follow these steps to combat the error.


1) Replace ALL includes within the document you’re working with (FrontPage/Expressions works with all of these). This includes the HTML comments that is read by the server:

blah blah blah text or code from included file

2) Save the file in notepad and try to open it with Expressions to see if the error is gone

3) If the error persists, then start trying to pinpoint the error by cutting your file up (make a backup). Remove the first half of the document and see if the error goes away, then try with the second half. If it happens to be offending code that Microsoft Expressions some reason thinks was created by it, then this is a good method to find it and fix it. The rest is up to you!

Error Message
Note that I’ve had issues with Camtasia HTML / JavaScript causing this error with Expressions before. Similarly, your error may not cause the file to blank, but cause it to duplicate things or revert parts of the file.

Personally, I’d rather use PHP than FrontPage Includes or SSI includes (server side includes). The FPSE (FrontPage Server Extension) isn’t as useful.

Firefox vs Chrome vs IE


Here is a great little comic showing the battle between browsers – Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Click the image to see it larger.

Chrome VS Firefox VS Internet Explorer

As many of you know, Internet Explorer is losing market-share more and more as time goes on. Chrome is taking market share from both browsers, but Firefox is hanging in there.

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How to Install Windows 7 SP1 and ReActivate / Activate Windows


Windows 7 SP1 Just came out. Many of you outstanding individuals are probably now running around in panic mode sense it forced an install of the famous Windows 7 KB971033 Update. Well no need to fear, we have updated our How to UNINSTALL Windows 7 Activation Update: KB971033 and REACTIVATE article to include this information for you.

You may ready our Installed Windows 7 SP1 and need to Activate Windows article here.

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How to Reinstall Windows Phone 7 and Fix Update Problems


Many users have been reporting problems with updating their new Window Phone 7 devices. Some users have even reported that their devices have been becoming bricked while they are updating.

To update your Windows 7 Phone follow the procedures below:
Step 1. Make sure you have a charged battery at at least 50%.
Step 2. Connect your phone to a power source other than your computer.
Step 3. Turn your device off.
Step 4. Turn your phone on by holding/pressing the camera, volume up, and power button at the same time, while ignoring any prompts to format your SD Card.
Step 5. Once your phone enters download mode, you can let it sit and reinstall the OS. This will happen over your network and should take around 15 minutes.

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