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Picture: Cute Baby Hedgehog


Cute picture of the day: Baby hedgehog! It’s so small that it fits in a hand 🙂 Click the two thumb nails below this image to enlarge them.

Baby Hedgehog

Baby HedgehogBaby Hedgehog

Edit: Turns out this is a hedgehog NOT a porcupine! Whoops! That doesn’t change the level of cuteness though 🙂

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Funny Picture: Mario Kills Goomba and Goes to Jail


When playing any Mario game I always wonder about how he feels about the massive amounts of carnage he brings forth while trying to save the princess.


Who would have known that Mario actually feels bad about it! Check out this short, hilarious comic of Mario killing a Goomba.

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Cool: Almost Invisible Tree House


An almost-invisible tree house has been built using mirrors and other things in Sweden by Tham & Videgard. Here’s a picture of it from the Outside and Inside (Click to enlarge image.):
Almost Invisible Tree House - Outside Almost Invisible Tree House - Inside

Very cool, huh? Check out more information on it from Here.

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Funny Picture: Screaming Cat In a Band


Ever see the musical Cats? Well, those “cats” fail compared to the one in the picture below. I’m sure that cat has “mad vocals” yo! He’ll hopefully be singing in a theater near you.

Click the image to enlarge it.
Drummer With Cat Screaming in Microphone

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Funny Picture: Car With Broken Headlight


How do you fix a car with a broken headlight? This picture shows EXACTLY how to do it…Lol 😉
Click the image to enlarge it.
Funny Picture: Car With Broken Headlight

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