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Funny Picture: Zombie Fingers


I was just standing around one day when my fingers were attacked by…Zombie Fingers!
Zombie Fingers

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Funny Picture: Cats Are Liquid!


“Liquids…take the shape of the container while maintaining a constant volume”. That’s it. So cats are liquid.
Cats Are Liquid

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Funny Picture: Fire Dragon Blowing Out Birthday Candles


Happy Birthday Fire Dragon! Click the image to enlarge it.
Fire Dragon Cant Blow Out Birthday Candles
Too bad Fire Dragon Cant Blow Out Birthday Candles.

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Funny Picture: Bear! PLAY DEAD!

Here’s a funny comic!
Funny Comic: Bear Play Dead

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Funny Picture: You Know What Would Please Master Harry?


Click the image to Enlarge it.
You Know What Would Please Master Harry Dobby
“You know what would please Master Harry Don’t You Dobby?” “Yes master…” “Oh yeaah”

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