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Cool Video: Best Driving Simulator in the World


This video is of the most advanced driving simulator in the entire world, which was created by Lexus. It was made to feel as real as possible. In fact, it emulates driving perfectly. Currently, they use it to help predict driver behavior, perform digital crash tests, and more. The simulator is housed in a big dome and can move laterally / side-to-side, forward, and backward. Watch the video for more information!

“It began with a need for a deeper understanding of the driver and grew into an innovation so revolutionary, it could change the way we move through the world, and how we drive tomorrow. Learn more about the most advanced driving simulator in the world at

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Funny Picture: Car With Broken Headlight


How do you fix a car with a broken headlight? This picture shows EXACTLY how to do it…Lol 😉
Click the image to enlarge it.
Funny Picture: Car With Broken Headlight

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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept


I found this car to be absolutely awesome looking and thought I’d post it. The video is actually a bit old, but that doesn’t make the car less cool! Not to mention…it’s fuel efficient and good for the environment. This car was seen at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Connect to your car through your network!


Well, more like control your car with networking it through your wireless network, bluetooth, infrared, and various other methods; in this demo, control a car with an Ipod touch through the wireless network:

Video: Ferrari Cleaning Trick


This is a short, neat video of someone “cleaning their Ferrari”. Check it out.



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