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Firefox Plugin: Protection from Flash Attacks


Hackers exploit many different types of vulnerabilities in attempts to attack other users. Many of these attacks happen to be browser based since it is easy to get people to go to web pages. Of these browser attacks, many use Adobe Flash vulnerabilities instead of browser-specific vulnerabilities. A plugin for Firefox, called Blitzableiter, was created in an attempt to prevent Flash-related hacking attempts. Basically, the plugin reads the SWF file and attempts to sanitize the code, parsing each piece, then recreates a safe SWF for your browser to load instead. Very cool!

ATTN: Ad Hack for AOL, AIM, & MSN users


For those who use it, have you guys ever noticed the stuff that gets installed along with AOL Instant Messenger? I mean the things like weatherbug, and wildtangent games? or just annoying blinking ads that pop up and play sounds when you wheel over them or opens your browser that was closed with 10 million tabs you had open because you accidently clicked on one?
What is this sh*t?
Well, no worries, because some generous programmer(s) got tired of them too, and made a handy little program others need to just double click to get rid of the extra luggage.

GSM Call Intercepting/Hacking Software Released


I’ve been meaning to post about this since the 28th, but GSM encryption has been cracked. A short excerpt from This Article mentions the possible implications of this and also mentions that an open source software for exercising this has been released.

On Sunday 27th of December at the 26th Chaos Communication Congress (26C3) in Berlin, security researchers published open source instructions for cracking the A5/1 mobile telephony encryption algorithm and for building an IMSI catcher that intercepts mobile phone communication. The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard for digital mobile phone networks, which is used by around four billion people in 200 countries, is quite insecure, explained cryptography expert Karsten Nohl in front of a large audience of hackers. While this has been known in academic circles since 1994, the evidence now produced leaves “no more room for playing hide and seek” said Nohl.

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Apple Magic Mouse Windows Hack


I have updated my article on the Apple Magic Mouse and included information on how to hack it for Windows. Click here to view the Apple Magic Mouse Windows Hack and Review. You have to scroll to the conclusion to get the hack links.


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