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Renown Chip Maker Jim Keller Joins Intel


Famous Chip Maker Jim Keller has made his rounds through the tech community and is continuing his pattern of building great products and leaving to start a new project.

Jim Keller will now be serving as Vice President of Intel’s Silicon Engineering Group where he will be working on SoC development. Prior to joining Intel, Jim Keller was the Vice President of Autopilot for Tesla Motors, where he focused on creating low-voltage hardware for the Tesla lineup.

Mr. Keller is also credited for his work at AMD where he created AMD’s Zen architecture and SoCs for Apple. We suggest reading more about Jim Keller here

iPhone 5 Preorders Begin


Want an iPhone 5? Well go get it now! Apple was sneaky so if you went to their site early you will have to clear your cache first. Enjoy. Review for the device soon.

iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 Leaked!


Finally a picture of the new iPhone! They say there is now a bigger screen.

iphone 6 Leaked

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Funny Video: Racist iPhone SIRI


The iPhone 4s has a racist feature on it — SIRI!

Apple Products Coming in 2013

Behold the iToilet! Now you can continue loving your Apple products without missing a beat!..beet

Apple Products 2013 iPoo iToilet

You can see 2012 and 2014 Apple Releases here as well!

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