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Borderlands 2: Best Build for Mechromancer


Mechromancer Gaige DeathtrapWith the Borderlands 2 DLC released, users finally got access to Gaige the Mechromancer.

The Mechromancer class has a fantastic skill tree that makes her very versatile.

She can have huge damage at her disposal using an Anarchy skill build for a very high damage per second / high dps Mechromancer build.

Or she can focus her points on Death Trap — her robot — and tanking skills — to make a Mechromancer Tank Build.

A good build for solo’ing is below. It’s also good for duo / duoing and even bigger parties. Mechromancer Class Mods can further improve it to give you yet even more skill points for free. Alter some of these depending on your playing style and be sure to use Deathtrap! He is good at distracting enemies and killing some of them in particular. Some of the skills were chosen for defensive purposes at the cost of increasing DPS. Change at will!

Best Mechromancer Solo Build

Best Friends Forever
Close Enough (4/5)
Cooking Up Trouble (3/5)
The Better Half (5/5)
Potent as a Pony (5/5)
Upshot Robot (1/1)
Unstoppable Force (2/5)
Explosive Clap (1/1)

Ordered Chaos
Smaller, Lighter, Faster (4/4)
Anarchy (1/1)
Preshrunk Cyberpunk (5/5)
Robot Rampage (1/1)
Blood Soaked Shields (1/5)
Annoyed Android (1/5)
Discord (1/1)
Typecast Iconoclast (4/5)
Rational Anarchist (1/1)
Death from Above (1/5)
The Nth Degree (4/5)

Hope our guide was able to help you with your Mechromancer build. It’s a fun class! If you need more help check out Borderlands 2: Best Solo Build for Mechromancer. Have a better build? Post below!

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Borderlands 2: How to Get Mechromancer Secret Class

*** Gaige’s Mechromancer Skill Tree has been revealed! Check out the
Borderlands 2: Gaige the Mechromancer Skill Tree for more info! ***

Borderlands 2 - Mechromancer DLC Class
Borderlands 2 was released just the other day and already DLCs are in the works. One will bring a brand new class to the table called Mechromancer (pictured here — the cyborg female named Gaige). This particular character is excellent for those who wish to play solo, as the skill tree provides users with the ability to call upon a robot partner dubbed “Death Trap” — who can fight alongside you and destroy enemies and tank OR who can support you and your team members with supplies such as ammo.

This DLC will be available for download October 16th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PS3), and Windows PC. If you pre-ordered the game, then this character will come free. Otherwise, the DLC costs $9.99 via the XBL (Xbox Live Marketplace) or PSN (PlayStation Network store). Hurray for downloadable content!

If you have errors with the game and want to fix them, check out Borderlands 2 Game Fixes AND our other Borderlands 2 Error and Windows 8 Launch Fix.

Also check out Best Borderlands 2 Class if you need help choosing a class!

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BorderlandsX Has Now Joined the Skyline Media Network!

borderlandsx-has-now-joined-the-skyline-media-network has finally been released! Like the game called Borderlands? Sure, everybody does. It’s an awesome first person shooter (that’s “FPS” for those who love acronyms!). The new DLC is coming out September 28th and it promises to be a total BLAST! The title, as mentioned previously, is Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution. Like all DLCs, it brings things like new enemies, missions, and skillpoints to the table. Curious about what it will look like? Check out the DLC Gameplay Teaser and Interview asap!

Borderlands DLC 4 – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution


Are you a fan of the game Borderlands? Beat the DLCs? Well, DLC 4 is not that far away. It’ll set you back $10 for the Playstation and PC versions, and 800 Microsoft Points for the XBox 360 gaming system.

The Premise of the Game Addon
Basically, you are against the Hyperion Corporation this time. Information was leaked about DLC4 from the recent 1.3.1 game patch. The introduction of DLC 4 can be read here (note that it IS subject to change before release)–


Marcus: Our story began when the Hyperion Corporation decided they’d had enough of the treasure hunters. With The Vault on lockdown, they had served their purpose, and now they were a drain on the economy. Why pay full price for weapons when you can take a five-finger discount off the nearest corpse?

Borderlands DLC 4 On Its Way


I don’t know about you guys, but I have been waiting what feels like forever for the new DLC for Borderlands to be released. This is DLC number four. General Knoxx was pretty cool, and added a good bit of content to the game, so if DLC IV is anything like that, then it’s going to be awesome and a good time consumer.

No release date has been given yet, nor any real information on this upcoming DLC. So why did I make a post? Well, the only information we had to go on about DLC4 was from the Borderlands staff stating that making more DLCs was a no-brainer. Ever since, no more information has been given of any nature…Until recently. Randy Pitchford of the Borderlands staff recently twittered about DLC 4. Unfortunately, it didn’t say much about it, but you can only twitter so much anyway. It’s pretty vague, but here’s what he wrote:

“I get a LOT of questions about more DLC for Borderlands. Yes, more is coming! T2 already said so! Let’s talk soon :)”

Source: Twitter

Information is found on Twitter a lot when it comes to Borderlands. The previous DLC had a twitter account that divulged information to users who found it. It may even have information about DLC4 eventually. Check it out Here.


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