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Borderlands DLC 4 On Its Way


I don’t know about you guys, but I have been waiting what feels like forever for the new DLC for Borderlands to be released. This is DLC number four. General Knoxx was pretty cool, and added a good bit of content to the game, so if DLC IV is anything like that, then it’s going to be awesome and a good time consumer.

No release date has been given yet, nor any real information on this upcoming DLC. So why did I make a post? Well, the only information we had to go on about DLC4 was from the Borderlands staff stating that making more DLCs was a no-brainer. Ever since, no more information has been given of any nature…Until recently. Randy Pitchford of the Borderlands staff recently twittered about DLC 4. Unfortunately, it didn’t say much about it, but you can only twitter so much anyway. It’s pretty vague, but here’s what he wrote:

“I get a LOT of questions about more DLC for Borderlands. Yes, more is coming! T2 already said so! Let’s talk soon :)”

Source: Twitter

Information is found on Twitter a lot when it comes to Borderlands. The previous DLC had a twitter account that divulged information to users who found it. It may even have information about DLC4 eventually. Check it out Here.

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