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Geek Montage Version 2.0


Once again, we have re-launched Geek Montage. Please be patient while we hammer out any bugs or problems that come across. If there is anything you like, don’t like, or any problems/suggestions you have, then let us know.

New Website Server


We have finished transferring over to a new website server. If you experience any problems such as lag, errors, the website not loading, etc. then please let us know.


Website Issues


Many of you might have noticed the frequent downtime that has been occuring on our website properties. Our switch to an improved server was actually a step backwards. This is completely unacceptable. As a result, we will be finding a new server for our website, even if it does mean paying a lot more for it a month.

Please be patient with us while we work this out. Thanks.

Contact Form Added


Greetings! A contact form has been added to the website. Feel free to contact us about anything: general feedback, problems with the website, affiliate opportunities, etc.

On an unrelated note, many ads were removed site-wide from the website. This will hopefully decrease page loading times and speed up the overall website.

Website Width Expanded!


For a very long time, we have been unhappy with the width of Geek Montage. It had a skinny layout that just didn’t hold large images or videos very well. That is now no longer the case, as we have increased our width by 200 pixels! Expect larger video sizes in posts now. This increase in width will not look as nice on 800×600 resolution because of a horizontal scrollbar showing, but not many use that resolution now adays — mostly just small netbooks.

It’s also worth noting that the banners at the top of the page have been shrunk from 205 pixels to 150 pixels. This means the content is closer to the top of the page, and the images take up less file space which helps with faster loading times 🙂 More fiddling to come!


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