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Free Vindictus Beta Keys *Updated*


We will be giving out free beta keys for the new game Vindictus. If you would like one stay tuned on this page and leave us a comment! Vindictus is an intense new online RPG that can promise you many hours of fun gameplay. Beta keys are limited so make sure to check back fast. These Vindictus beta keys will unlock users additional Vindictus beta keys so you can invite your friends. You can download Vindictus here.

Keys Times listed are Eastern Time US & Canada:
624C44C89BF742DDACA1 Posted 10:22PM 9/25/10 USED
3DD59BC158DE41028E1E Posted 10:28PM 9/25/10 USED
BA40746DD0F74DB0B078 Posted 10:48PM 9/25/10 USED
A7E5D19A47974673A7D5 Posted 12:24PM 9/26/10 USED Thanks Enki
1A54248517C545498ACC Posted 1:46PM 9/26/10 USED Thanks guenthar
E0F3240E96BF476DB1BD Posted 1:46PM 9/26/10 USED Thanks guenthar
7C377283E7E447CB8F34 Posted 3:38AM 9/28/10 USED
D6AAB4A3302642528566 Posted 3:44AM 9/28/10 USED Thanks Simbol

B28FA91E6D7243119875 Posted 12:12AM 10/2/10 Thanks Andrew

Please let me know when you have used a key. Also please be kind and post the new keys generated... or at least one.

I will update this list as time goes on in the next few days… according demand. This will work a lot better if users post their extra keys so that I can add them to the list.

Tiësto feat. Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard Song and Download


Here is the latest song of the week. It is by Tiësto and is titled, “Work Hard, Play Hard”. This is another one of his new tracks that I enjoyed.

Tiësto has partnered up with Sandisk as well as Michelle Phan to conduct a contest. This contest involves using this song and showing a video of how you dress for very own, “Night Time” look. You can see the details by watching the video below and by visiting

Incoming search terms:

  • work hard play hard mediafire
  • work hard play hard song

Want to go to E3? Create a game for a contest!


The Warios Contest

“Fancy yourself a budding game designer? Send us your best work for a chance to win a trip for two to the Nintendo E3 Presentation in L.A. Your task is to design a microgame using a theme of creatures, sports or machines. Entries will be judged on originality, funness, accessibility, humor and adherence to one of these themes.”

Contest started March 28th, runs to May 16th, GET CRACKIN!

Geek Montage Contest Update


Okay. Nobody was participating in the contest, though it got lots and lots of views…So the requirement is now only 10 posts. If you don’t know what contest I’m refering to, look Here. Come on guys, it’s only 10 posts for an awesome 1-year license for an awesome anti-malware Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 suite. Loads of people have read the post, but none have participated. Don’t be scared. We don’t bite…We chomp 😉

Geek Montage Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 License Contest!


Wow, that was a long title! Anyway, moving on to the point: We will be holding a contest for Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 1-Year licenses!

The contest, if you choose to participate, requires users on the Geek Montage Forum to reach 30 *good* posts. We have 8 keys at the moment to give out so this means that you must be one of the first 8 people to reach 10 posts. This should be pretty easy considering that not many people are posting there yet 🙂 More information can be read Here On the Forum.

Please note that this giveaway was sponsored by A Blog for Geeks. It’s a cool website. Check it out!

Edit: Only 10 posts are required now. Hopefully we’ll actually get some participation now that it’s lowered. We have loads of visitors, but no people wanting to chat on the forum so far. Come onnnn…We don’t bite 😉


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