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Cool Video: Nintendo Vs. Zombies – 28-Bits Later


This was a submission for the Nintendo Wii U challenge where you have to make a video to represent Nintendo characters and so forth. Some characters are: Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, and more!

Cool Video: Legend of Zelda (NES) Being Played On Wall / Floor


I started replaying Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda recently via the Gameboy Advance (Zelda Classic version)…so this video is relevant to me! Rather than using the GBA, I’m using my DS Lite…Am on level 8 now, just FYI since I’m sure you’re jealous. Go Link! Anyway, this is someone’s graphic design project I believe.

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8-bit Google Maps for Nintendo (NES)


You can also call it Famicom 😉

Happy April Fools from Google via a funny video.

Be sure to prank the pajesus out of your friends today.

It is…after all…April Fools Day.

Real Life Super Smash Brothers


A group of people decided to make a real life version of Super Smash Brothers. Come see your favorite characters battle.

Some battles are more enjoyable than others. For example, Ness clearly had the advantage with the bat. lol

First Person Super Mario


I have been watching Freddie Wong videos for a while now…why you ask? Cause he has amazing video editing abilities. Him and his buddies (mainly his buddies this time) made a 3d first person edition of Super Mario. How long did it take to render? Sixty Hours.

As you can see it is kind of awesome! It kind of makes me want to turn that into a real game too… ahem. Anyways, enjoy!

– Naota

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