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DJ Shadow – Organ Donor


Halloween is today, so I pushed off the song of the week to today and found it fitting to put up a song with an organ in it. Sorry this is the best I could do.

Happy Halloween. May your stomach be full of sweet, delicious candy.


– ナオ太 (Naota)

Sanyo Innuendo Review


We recently acquired the Sanyo Innuendo by Kyocera. I wanted to see how much interest there is for a Sanyo Innuendo Review. This phone definitely has its strengths and weaknesses. Many will either love or hate this phone.

Funny Picture: Lost iPod Touch Rewards


I found this to be a pretty funny picture. Someone posted a reward for their Apple iPod Touch for $50. Another person then copied it, but offered $51 lol. That’s a good way to get a cheap iPod Touch, huh?

Click the image to enlarge it.

Lost iPod Touch Reward

100 Free Microsoft Points via Games for Windows Newsletter


You can earn 100 Free Microsoft Points by signing up for Microsoft’s Games for Windows Newsletter via Xbox Live. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for these points to actually arrive to you, so be patient. This promotion by Microsoft ends November 14th so sign up before then to get your free 100 Microsoft Points 🙂 Here is Microsoft’s promotional page.

Nehrim – The Ultimate Oblivion Mod


Owners of the game Oblivion should stop what they’re doing right now and install the Oblivion mod called Nehrim. Essentially, it is a total conversion away from the original game having extensive mods to absolutely everything. It is a mod that took 4 years to make and boasts an estimated playing time of 50 hours. There’s over 60 Quests, dialogues by professional voice actors (German), new weapons, armor, spells, races, models, video-sequences, custom music, and more. The maps are very well done and had a lot of thought put into them too.

Download Here

Below is the German cinematic trailer:

/edit by Enki:
read more for English trailer!


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