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Nehrim – The Ultimate Oblivion Mod


Owners of the game Oblivion should stop what they’re doing right now and install the Oblivion mod called Nehrim. Essentially, it is a total conversion away from the original game having extensive mods to absolutely everything. It is a mod that took 4 years to make and boasts an estimated playing time of 50 hours. There’s over 60 Quests, dialogues by professional voice actors (German), new weapons, armor, spells, races, models, video-sequences, custom music, and more. The maps are very well done and had a lot of thought put into them too.

Download Here

Below is the German cinematic trailer:

/edit by Enki:
read more for English trailer!

Murderbox – A No Cost-limit, Amazing Custom, Computer Build.


Now this is what I call computer modding.. a no cost-limit custom build! I just gotta say, it’s really neatly done, hidden most of the wiring and not to mention sleeved every one of them too. Read what they did in the build worklog.

Wireless Network Modded to See Through Walls


Okay, this isn’t as cool as it sounds, but is still cool nevertheless. It’s actually a concept I had thought about too, so I’m glad it has come into fruition (though I feel as if I should have done something on this first!). As you may know, signal strength varies as people move around in a room. This can help you track the movements of people.


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