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Nehrim – The Ultimate Oblivion Mod


Owners of the game Oblivion should stop what they’re doing right now and install the Oblivion mod called Nehrim. Essentially, it is a total conversion away from the original game having extensive mods to absolutely everything. It is a mod that took 4 years to make and boasts an estimated playing time of 50 hours. There’s over 60 Quests, dialogues by professional voice actors (German), new weapons, armor, spells, races, models, video-sequences, custom music, and more. The maps are very well done and had a lot of thought put into them too.

Download Here

Below is the German cinematic trailer:

/edit by Enki:
read more for English trailer!

Not as impressive as the German trailer, but site has a English version out!
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  1. Comments  Enki   |  Wednesday, 27 October 2010 at 2:42 PM

    I went nuts with Oblivion at one point, downloading tons of mods from TES oblivion site.
    Here are some good ones:
    Deadly Reflex is awesome, makes gameplay more crazy, like slicing people in half.
    Hoarfrost Castle adds a bunch of miniquests to get your own castle, which I populate with bodyguards from the Companion mod.
    Companion Mod (CM Partners) gives you followers, just don’t take too many with you, else with fast travel, they surround you and you’re stuck.
    Xenia Race mod gives few new cool premade characters to select, Ren’s Beauty pack has a few good selections too.
    DMC Stylish gives way cool poses with a 2 handed sword, and single sword turns into twin blade style, but missing graphics for 2nd blade. (some ppl have fixed this)
    Natural Environments completely replaces meshes for trees and rocks and houses, with a higher quality version, recommended for better PC’s only.
    BladeSong looks like a pretty nice side story, but havent tried, same with Lost Paladins of the Divines.
    Tons more, but highly recommend OMOD (Oblivion Mod Manager), which manages all mods installed in a better interface, AND if a mod is available in modname.omod, then OMOD will install it for you! No copying of files over manually.

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