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Funny Picture: Lost iPod Touch Rewards


I found this to be a pretty funny picture. Someone posted a reward for their Apple iPod Touch for $50. Another person then copied it, but offered $51 lol. That’s a good way to get a cheap iPod Touch, huh?

Click the image to enlarge it.

Lost iPod Touch Reward

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Quirky little adapter turns your iPod touch into a full phone


Well not so much little, per se. The “Apple Peel” 520 is a case that fits around an iPod touch and plugs into the bottom, adding a microphone, SIM card slot, speaker, and various apps that apparently turn your iPod into a fully functional phone, with SMS and voicemail and whatnot. The price? $70 USD, although only available in China right now.

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Free Apple iPod Touch / iPhone App: Top 100s by Year


This cool app, which uses Microsoft’s Bing, allows you to not only see what the top 100 songs were each year (from 1947 to 2009), but also listen to them! That’s right, you can stream each song. How are these lists made? “These lists are not solely based on the Billboard charts and record sales, instead, these are lists of songs that have stood the test of time based on their initial and lasting popularity, and on their impact on the overall scope of musical history.” Neat! “The songs are streamed in shuffle mode like a web radio station through 3G, Edge or Wi-fi”.

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Connect to your car through your network!


Well, more like control your car with networking it through your wireless network, bluetooth, infrared, and various other methods; in this demo, control a car with an Ipod touch through the wireless network:


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