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2012 unofficial promo video


Here’s a funny reason to go watch the movie 2012

Daily Digest November 30, 2009



      Holidays on a budget? Get a refurb iPhone

      If you have been looking to get a loved one an iPhone for the holidays AT&T may have a way you can do that without breaking the bank. The carrier is currently offering the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS in refurbished models. Refurbished models offer substantial savings over the retail price of new iPhones.
      For […]

      Apple wants to take the iPhone’s Maps app to the “next level”

      MacRumors has found about an Apple job listing that, uncharacteristically for Apple, hints at a possible mapping service from Apple. The company is seeking an iPhone Software Engineer that will join Apple’s team developing the Maps application for the iPhone OS. Apple says the chosen individual and his colleagues will be tasked to take the […]

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Murderbox – A No Cost-limit, Amazing Custom, Computer Build.


Now this is what I call computer modding.. a no cost-limit custom build! I just gotta say, it’s really neatly done, hidden most of the wiring and not to mention sleeved every one of them too. Read what they did in the build worklog.

Karate Chopping a Giant Burrito


So I just Karate chopped a giant frozen burrito. After three karate chops, I was able to break it in half.

Unfortunately, I now have a slight bruise and am bleeding a little bit. I think that it was totally worth it though, and am pretty pleased with the result of this burrito experience.

The Bomb Burrito

The Bomb Burrito

Surprise Kitty Funny Video


Raise ’em in the air, kitty! Remind me to try to replicate this with one of my cats…If they don’t claw me!


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