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Funny Video: Korean Hand Taekwondo


Entitled “Śmieszne przedstawienie Taekwondo” — this video shows a hand dressed up in a Taekwondo / Karate uniform chopping some crackers in half instead of wood. Really random haha.

Funny Video: Ip Man VS 10 Karate Black Belts – Parody


I recently posted a video clip from the movie Ip Man where he used his Wing Chun style against 10 karate black belts. Here’s a parody of that same exact fight. Some of the funniness is dumb — but that won’t prevent certain people from enjoying it!

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Cool Video: Ip Man (Wing Chun) VS 10 Karate Black Belts


If you’re into martial arts, then I recommend seeing the movie Ip Man. It’s a great movie and is even highly rated on IMDB. In this scene, Ip (Yip) Man fights 10 people using the martial art style called Wing Chun, which was apparently created by a female as specified by the movie. It does not rely on brute strength, but a long series of techniques that are good for not only defending / blocking, but also attacking, striking, and grappling. This scene is basically Japan VS China — a fight between the Chinese (Ip Man’s side) VS the Japanese for winning rice. If you see the movie, watch it with the original audio (I think Cantonese) with English subtitles. Note that there is some blood in this scene, so don’t watch this if your age consists of a single digit rather than 2 (or 3!).

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Karate Chopping a Giant Burrito


So I just Karate chopped a giant frozen burrito. After three karate chops, I was able to break it in half.

Unfortunately, I now have a slight bruise and am bleeding a little bit. I think that it was totally worth it though, and am pretty pleased with the result of this burrito experience.

The Bomb Burrito

The Bomb Burrito

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