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New Game+: Blue Planet: War in Heaven


If you’re in the performing arts community or are aspiring towards that particular arena, firstly, I’m sorry. The economy sucks.

You need not despair entirely though, because while there might be a dearth of paying projects out there, there are still plenty of opportunities for resume-building, particularly in the vein of community-built projects. Today, I’m highlighting the Blue Planet campaign for the FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project. You may or may not have played this campaign (the War in Heaven portion, Age of Aquarius is already fully voiced, sorry) in the shiny FreeSpace 2 SCP, and if you haven’t, two videos follow for what you’re missing:

Murderbox – A No Cost-limit, Amazing Custom, Computer Build.


Now this is what I call computer modding.. a no cost-limit custom build! I just gotta say, it’s really neatly done, hidden most of the wiring and not to mention sleeved every one of them too. Read what they did in the build worklog.

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