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Top PS3 Mods


We have seen all kinds of limited editions come out for the PS3, and several design changes as well.

Some talented individuals have went ahead and made their own enhancements and have Modded the PS3. These were some of the top PS3 Mods that we saw. If I still had my PS3 (someone shot it with a gun – a long but enjoyable story), I would go ahead and make modifications to mine too.

Here are our Top 7 Modified PS3s

# 7 – Wood-backed PS3

Wood PS3

Some was able to alter the outer shell of their PS3. It is a nice change over many metal and plastic versions.

George Foreman PS3

#6 – George Foreman PS3

This PS3 obviously isn’t playable… I would think? Anyways, it was a clever way to use the PS3 Shell. Inside is a George Foreman Grill. This is a PS3 that cares about cutting the fat out of your meals.
Metal Gear PS3

#5 – Metal Gear PS3

Metal Gear has been a very popular PS3 Series. This PS3 has so much intricate detail and great work done to it. It looks phenomenal. This was created by the folks over at Morpheon Mods.

Old Fashioned Wood PS3

#4 – Old Fashioned PS3 Wooden Look
This PS3 has all kinds of interesting features. I rated this with the presumption that the gauge actually functions.

PS3 Driving Modifcation

#3 – Driving Arcade Style PS3
Want to play Ridge Racer or Need for Speed? Hell yeah. This PS3 is its own arcade, complete with everything you need to race and drift. This PS3 Mod was created by the folks over at Simworx

Portable PS3

#2 – Portable PS3 Laptop

This PS3 is your all-in-one portable package. It looks professional and well-built. It weighs 16 pounds and features a 17 inch monitor.

PS3 City Mod

#1 – PS3 Rainbow Six Mod

Talk about the most attractive looking modification ever. It is the most elaborate, well-thought and design modification that I have ever seen. This was built by Butterkneter, a popular case modder located in Germany. This Vegas PS3 was built for a special UbiSoft promotion.

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